Making Your Coworkers Feel Valued

A great deal of thought has been devoted to the question of how companies can make their employees feel valued, but what about peer-to-peer interactions? How can you as an individual raise morale and make sure that your coworkers know that you appreciate them? Here are three simple suggestions for the next time you’re looking to dish out some compliments.

  1. Just say thanks

Someone sends you an e-mail with the documents you requested. You don’t have to reply, but sending a quick note back to thank them delivers an important message — that their work isn’t taken for granted. If you want to go even further, be more detailed in your response — tell them exactly how their help will contribute to your success — that is, “thanks so much” is good, but “thanks so much, this will really help me with my presentation to the directors” is even better.

  1. Recognize them in front of others

Call people out, but in a good way. Not only does it let them know that you really mean it, but it lets them receive the gratitude of many instead of one. It also contributes to a culture where employees recognize each other and reinforce helpfulness and teamwork. As an individual employee, this sort of leading by example is one of the best ways for you to have a positive impact on those around you.

  1. Don’t wait to give thanks

Of course you’re going to want to thank someone who’s done you a favor. But there’s no need to wait until that happens or be stingy with your praise. If you notice that someone has been working hard recently or going out of their way to assist others, let them know. Getting positive feedback will both make them feel good and set a precedent that others can follow.

Making your coworkers feel valued is all about acting toward them the way you would want them to act toward you. Regardless of your job title, you have the power to positively shape organizational culture simply by being thoughtful and appreciative on an individual level.

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Avatar photo Mark Hensch

This is awesome advice for how people can make the workplace more enjoyable together. It’s easy to forget that regardless of role, everyone can take small steps to brighten one another’s day.