Managing an Approach to Moving to the Cloud From All Sides

Cloud has traditionally been defined in its IT terms and as an IT approach particularly in the public sector. CIOs who are tech and IT-driven are actively searching for application and hosting strategies that enable them to move workloads from on-premises data centers to public cloud and software-as-a-service solutions to improve mission agility, resilience and security posture.

What’s not as often talked about is cloud as an innovation platform in the public sector. Mission and innovation-driven CIOs and IT teams in the public sector think of the cloud less as an IT strategy and more as an enabler of meeting mission need and creating new possibilities for their agencies.

“This is the yin and yang of cloud,” said Peter O’Donoghue, Vice President, Application Services, Unisys Federal. “At Unisys we sort of think it as cloud polytheism, if you will. There are many ways to approach the cloud, but you have to be able to manage all of them — both the technical and the innovation mission approach.”

That’s where CloudForte comes in. Last week, Unisys launched this new suite of managed services designed to help the public sector and other organizations speed up the migration of applications, data and other workloads to the Amazon Web Services-built public cloud platform.

Unisys’ CloudForte subscription-based managed services work to provide users access to cloud-native service offerings and contract invoicing capabilities that comply with federal mandates, the company said in a press release. CloudForte supports government IT teams who must meet mission need by offering a highly automated governance framework that assures continuous security compliance while not adding undue process weight.

The platform also enables cost-effective management of enterprise IT operations, which can help public sector IT teams work within agile and DevOps environments while still harnessing cloud platform services and enforcing governance and security policies.

“With our  CloudForte cloud management innovative solution with AWS, we believe we cater to both the yin and yang perspectives by harnessing the oneness of public cloud,” O”Donoghue said. “Federal CIOs are being asked to become the catalysts to enable digital government by breaking free from legacy systems and applications and adopting the cloud as their principal innovation platform. CloudForte helps federal agencies flexibly and rapidly deliver their mission objectives with the confidence that cloud resources are being consumed securely, cost-effectively and resiliently.”

To learn more about CloudForte, head here.

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