Meet the Gov Mascot: #2- Energy Ant

Next week is Public Service Recognition Week (PSRW) and GovLoop is teaming up with the Partnership for Public Service to promote PSRW by running a special series called “Meet the Government Mascot.” Each day we’ve been introducing you to a new mascot, then we’ll run a contest on May 6-8 where you can vote for your favorite.

Born in 1975 Energy Ant came on the scene during the OPEC oil export embargo caused by tensions in the Middle East. Created by the Federal Energy Administration, Energy Ant’s message was a simple one: “consume energy wisely in an attempt to conserve it.”

Energy Ant’s main purpose was to appeal to kids in hopes of educating a younger generation to see energy as a limited resource. The FEA chose the ant as their a mascot because they saw them as symbolic of the solution.

Upon revealing Energy Ant FEA Communications Director Peter Keay said “the ant is a unique symbol of an industrious creature that uses energy wisely.”

Fast forward three decades and Energy Ant is still fighting the good fight to conserve America’s energy usage but with a little twist. His efforts have shifted to new ways to conserve energy which can be found through interactive games or just a plain fact sheet but wouldn’t you rather play the games?

Energy Ant also is a banner holder in the search for new, clean and reusable forms of energy.

Energy Ant’s role in educating kids and even adults has grown exponentially since his arrival as the energy crisis has continued to grow.


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Carol Davison

How about an animal depicting all government workers? How about Goldie the Golden Retriver Service dog? Goldens are friendly, eager to please, love to work, can focus on a task, and intelligent. I saw a beautiful one TROTTING through Bethesda Navy Hospital alongside his wheelchair bound man. Ooh rah to Goldie and her solider!

Lori Zipes

I want an Energy Ant t-shirt! If I had one, I could pull out all the stops and wear it with my “Bureacrats Need not Apply” GovLoop lanyard.