Michael Gale – Nature 3.0 – Using Technology to Connect People with Nature

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Personal Information: Michael Gale, Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Title: Nature 3.0 – Using Technology to Connect People with Nature


Forget blaming video games and cell phones for the drastic decrease in people – especially kids and youth – spending time in America’s great outdoors. Technology is the key to getting the next generation back outside. Through social media, Americans are reconnecting with the natural world in exciting and different ways through interactive trail maps, nature apps, and digital photos and videos of wildlife (think “honey badger”). QR codes, LCD interpretative displays, geocaching, and podcast tours are becoming the norm on public lands. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other bureaus in the Department of the Interior are leveraging innovative public-private partnerships to find new ways to use technology to get Americans back outside.

Young professionals are driving new ways of thinking in our federal land management agencies. My story is that of a park ranger’s son turned mobile urbanite being a voice for change in my agency around how we use social media and technology to connect more youthful and diverse audiences to our important conservation mission. Just think: Twitter’s logo is a bird, and the most popular mobile game isn’t “Angry Bureaucrats.” We can use technology to update the American experience in nature.

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