My New Gov News Site – GovZine.com

So I’m launching a new site today in beta called GovZine.com

Basically, it’s all your favorite gov’t news in one spot voted on by you and your peers. Kind of like a Digg for Gov’t.
-There are upcoming stories that are new
-And there are popular stories that have been voted up by you and your peers.

You can submit a story.
You can submit your blog’s RSS so all of your posts will be included on the site.
You can suggest a good site and we’ll add their RSS so their posts appear.
You can just browse around and vote on articles (you got to do a quick login/register)

Right now, it’s a separate site from GovLoop but eventually the two sites will become more integrated (and move to one sign-in).

As the new mantra goes, put the site out, see if people like it, and evolve it.

Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Still working on the kinks and need some feedback.

Also check out my other site I’m working on as well – thegovgurus.com. It’s career advice for gov’t job seekers from Lily Whiteman (Federal Times and How to Land a Top-Paying Federal Job – best book on the topic ever) and myself.

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Sandy Ressler

Seems to look cool…a little funkier then GovLoop…but honestly I’m confused about the need for it as opposed to creating some other structure or sections in the existing GovLoop site. More seriously I’m concerned that it will split the audience for the two sites. GovLoop seems more social network oriented and govzine more article focused but personally I’d figure out better ways of adding articles to GovLoop (if that’s possible of course)…so is your day job to create these things… or are you totally hyperactive (and I mean that in a good way!) 😉

Kitty Wooley

Initial gut reaction: “But Steve, why would I want you to aggregate my news for me???” However, I LOVE your willingness to experiment in a big way with web 2.0 functionality. Keep going!


Yep. I’m hyperactive.

And yes – there’s some interconnectivity b/w the two and we’ll weave them in. It’s hard just to add the functionality to GovLoop right now. But we’re working on it.

And Kitty – I want you and your friends to aggregate my news for me 🙂 I care what you (and other govie types) think are the cool articles to read.

Carolyn Shannon

One of the things I love about the Planet Drupal aggregate blog (drupal.org/planet) is that it only pulls posts tagged “planet drupal” from contributor blogs. Possible to do this with GovZine?

Carolyn Shannon

Never mind I answered my own question – if your blog has RSS by tag/category you would submit that. Off to have some coffee.

Andrew Krzmarzick

As we’ve been talking about it, Steve, the key here is to make it easy for people to place the GovZine bookmarklet in their Menu Bar so that they can select articles easily as they come across them…like StumbleUpon’s Menu Bar tool. Drop in the URL….or just thumb it up or down while you’re on the site without having to travel to GovZine. Then integrate GovZine here and allow for customized news. Also, can you get it added to http://www.socialmarker.com ?