Myth Busters: Top 3 Reasons You Think Remote or Hybrid Work Can’t Work

“It’s not where you work, it’s the work you do.” 

That was one of the main points that special guest speaker Javier Inclan, Assistant Inspector General for Management and CIO at National Science Foundation (NSF) Office of Inspector General, had to make in his mission to advocate for remote and hybrid work.

Inclan was interviewed by transformational workforce expert Mika Cross for her latest installment of Management Minutes with Mika. He explained that while he was previously not a fan of hybrid environments, a co-worker changed his viewpoint and he has since embraced the model.

“There’s good data to back up what doesn’t need to be done in the office,” said Inclan. “We need to get away from that classic ‘line of sight’ management, where we have to see you to know you’re working.”

He pointed out that studies have shown not only an increase in job satisfaction, but that employees do more work remotely because there are less distractions. Additionally, remote work offers the opportunity to diversify your workplace.

To hear more insights from Inclan and Cross, watch the video now.

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