New Employee Guide – Part 4- The Work

Part 4 – The Work
Past Parts (Part 3, Part 2, Part 1)

So if you gotten going for awhile and now it is essential to focus on the work you are doing. Here are a couple suggestions:

1 – Ask questions – As you are new, it is okay to ask a lot of questions. Do it and do it often. Ask others how they handle
situations that you run into.
Don’t reinvent the wheel.

2 – Keep a notepad – Make sure you are taking notes especially early on. I do this for 2 reasons – 1) Understand the process 2) Take my observations which can be used
later on improving the process

3 – Small successes – I believe in first impressions and any small successes make people thing you are awesome. Don’t wait around for a huge success – try to get 1 or 2 small things done right away.

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