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New Hire Tips on Being Social

New job means new work friends and a larger network. Sometimes finding the right networking events can seem daunting, but lucky for you…you have made an important step in the right direction by being on GovLoop! There are many different opportunities in many different areas of the globe….here are a few places to start:

1) Get to know your co-workers and other govies in the area. They can notify you of upcoming events and meetings that will be of interest to you. They can also open many doors by making introductions to help you expand your network. Here are a few ways to find colleagues/friends on GovLoop:

GovLoop Members by Location

GovLoop Group DirectoryGroups by Agency or Location

2) Attend events – The hardest part is showing up…once you are there you will be happy you didn’t miss out! Check out the GovLoop event calendar for upcoming events as well as the GovUp page…who knows a GovUp can be heading your way!

Also, check out a handful of great posts/discussions from other GovLoop members:

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Be sure to check out all the resources we have available for you:

New Hire Handbook Resources Social
Benefits New to DC Get Active

Did we miss something? Help us by adding more social resources below!

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