NextGen Speaker Frank DiGiammarino breaks down his career guide

Happy Thursday!

We hear at the DorobekINSIDER are at the Next Generation of Government Leadership Conference. If you can’t make it in person you can still live stream the entire conference here and we will be blogging and taking lots of photos.

If you can make it down, stop by and say hi to the DorobekINSIDER team: Chris Dorobek, Emily Jarvis and Stephen Peteritas. We will be interviewing speakers and attendees so stop by.

Also on hand will be Frank DiGiammarino. Frank will be speaking about his three part career guide. We’ve covered it in detail here on our show.

Over the past few month’s Chris sat down with Frank and went over the 3 part guide in great detail.

Who Are You? – Part 1 of the Career Framework

Have you ever been lost in something to the point that you lose track of time? Is there a topic that you find yourself gravitating to in every conversation? If you think about it, there is a core to who you are. The most important thing you can do is embrace it.

What in the World am I Doing? — Part 2 of the Career Framework

While working in a job, it can seem like there is no clear path to the next one. As part of finding happiness and balance in our work lives, it is important to understand not only the job you are in, but also the one you want to have and the skills it takes to do that job.

Ask Yourself: What Are You Optimizing For? — Part 3 of the Career Framework

We are constantly balancing – sometimes it feels like juggling – core levers in our lives: finances, family, friends, community, hobbies, etc. How do we decide what to do first and can we do it all? Another part of finding happiness relies on you confronting WHY you do these things and decide which are really the most important.

You can get more career advice from Frank’s session at NextGen Thursday at 2:45.

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