NextGen Summit Call For Speakers

Are you interested in connecting with your fellow public servants? Do you have government experience and insights that your peers would benefit from hearing?

At the NextGen Government Training Summit, we aim to have diverse, intelligent and experienced speakers who can share their government stories. We are really excited about our 11th summit taking place in Washington, D.C. on July 22-23, 2020 and are looking for great speakers like you help us build a compelling lineup.

Speaking at NextGen is an amazing experience and if you have ever attended, you know that the NextGen audience expects presentations with high energy. Past speakers have included Tara Campbell, mayor of Yorba Linda, California; Dave Uejio, Chief Strategy Officer at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau; and Mary Abbajay, president of Careerstone Group, LLC.

Not only is speaking a great resume builder, but you’ll be part of the NextGen community.

Check out the details to get a good idea of what we’re looking for and then apply! There is no cost to apply for a speaker slot nor if you’re ultimately selected!

Call for Speakers Details:

In order for your speaker submission to be considered, you need to choose an existing session from the office NextGen Summit schedule. We will not accept submissions that do not map to existing sessions.

That being said, our session titles and abstracts can be tweaked if you are selected as a speaker! We will work with you to develop a session that plays to your particular expertise as well as fulfills the needs of our NextGen audience.

Please take some time to familiarize yourself with this year’s NextGen Summit schedule. You’ll notice there are three different types of sessions to choose from this year:

For 20-minute keynote sessions, we’re looking for speakers who:

  • Have a great story to tell and a passion for sharing your knowledge with others
  • Can share a unique perspective on problem-solving, innovation, creativity, inspiration or achievements.
  • Provide clear successful use cases, best practices, teachings and how-tos.

For our 60-90 minute breakout sessions, we’re looking for speakers who:

  • Can facilitate an interactive conversation around a professional development topic
  • Provide clear successful use cases, best practices, teachings and how-tos.
  • Have experience working with or in government and how these tools can realistically be applied within government.

For our 90-minute workshops, we’re looking for speakers who:

  • Are comfortable leading a room of 30-100 Summit attendees through lecture, exercises and feedback for an extended amount of time.
  • Can provide in-depth information on a workshop included in the NextGen schedule.
  • Have experience facilitating a workshop-style session and can keep attendee energy and engagement high.

Now that you have an idea of what we’re looking for, here are a few helpful tips for crafting your speaker submission so that you get selected to speak:

  • Outline your talking points – think about why an attendee should give you their time.
  • List what problems your session will address.
  • List and rank your key takeaways.
  • Who is the audience for your story?
  • What is the takeaway or action item the attendee walks away with?

Once you have those five things outlined, you are ready to apply to speak at NextGen! When submitting your application, be as precise and descriptive as possible – the more direct you are, the easier it is for our team to understand exactly what you would like to speak about:

  • Let us know what other speaking experience that you have.
  • Be sure to select the NextGen Summit session that maps most closely to your expertise.

Final day to submit an application is May, 15, 2020. All speakers will be notified of their selection status by May 30, 2020.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]. Thanks very much and we look forward to seeing you at NextGen!

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