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NextGen Training Summit to Feature Workshops

One reason to attend conferences is, of course, the chance to observe great speakers in their natural habitat, but there’s only so much observation one can take before getting antsy and needing to be engaged more directly. With that in mind, GovLoop’s NextGen Government Training Summit is adding a new feature this year designed to both let attendees participate more actively in their own professional development and facilitate a substantial and detailed learning experience.

As in years past, NextGen will have an exciting lineup of dynamic, inspiring speakers, but in addition to keynotes and breakout sessions, it will also feature workshop sessions. These will be directed by experts, but instead of simply sharing knowledge, they’ll be leading participants through interactive learning experiences.

The workshop format will include small group activities to enable a more personalized understanding of the specific topic. Such collaboration is also designed to help attendees forge close connections with their peers, learning from each other and building lasting relationships.

The focus of the workshops will be deep dives into the topics covered. The two-hour length enables learning at a level not offered by typical conference speaker or breakout session formats. By providing this opportunity to truly develop skills and knowledge, GovLoop aims to make NextGen an unparalleled learning experience, providing great educational value to all attendees.

Check out this sample agenda from one of the workshops, and if you’re interested in attending an incredible summit featuring can’t-miss speakers and engaging professional development content, follow the link at the bottom of the page for registration information!

Interpersonal Skills – How to Create Effective Government Collaborations

Projects are almost always accomplished by finding true collaboration. However, creating lasting and useful relationships can be challenging. In this workshop, we’ll use interactive activities, self-assessments and discussions to gain awareness of our communication styles and learn strategies to resolve conflict and integrate effectively with those whose styles are unlike our own.

Workshop Agenda:

10:30 – 11:15 The Background – What truly makes for effective collaboration? In this section, the facilitator will provide key insights on what it takes for teams to effectively work together.

11:15 – 11:45 Get to Work – In this section, attendees will role play and work in small groups to practice collaboration techniques.

11:45 – 12:00 Break

12:00 – 12:45 Groups will share what they learned with the group and the facilitator will end the presentation with some final best practices.


Check out more details about this year’s Summit here: https://www.nextgengovt.com/2019-summit-info

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Avatar photo Blake Martin

I’m excited for workshops this year! These are going to really help boost the understanding of larger/denser topic areas.