Phone Tips & Tricks: Dealing with the Dead Battery

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Every day millions of government employees spend hours upon hours with their cell phones. It started out as that bulky item you threw in the bottom of your bag when you traveled to work and only used for emergencies.

Now it is probably the #1 key tool for how business is done, including government business.

For this reason, we’ve launched the “Phone Tips & Tricks” series on GovLoop to share advice on how to maximize, and rock out your phone, as well as ways for it to function better at work. Thanks to our friends at Sprint for supporting this series and offering us great discounts for all federal employees.

To kick-us off, let’s start with one of the biggest issues facing users everywhere…“The Dead Battery”

Tip 1 – Dealing with the Dead Battery

Phones get smarter every year running millions of apps, connecting with bluetooth receivers, and generally getting more awesome. The downside when you are traveling is that most phones end up dying within the day, that is if you are truly using it like most normal people, (i.e. checking email 10X a day, checking your apps 5X more, and engaging in several conference calls).

You don’t want to be that guy/gal who drops out of a conference call mysteriously because their phone just died (yeah I’ve been that guy).

So what’s the solution? You need a portable back-up battery. Not another charger; but a backup battery.

Amazon has 5,450+ results for back-up phone batteries so you have a lot to choose from. And your decision depends a lot on what make/model your phone is and what cosmetic style you like to rock.

My favorite is the New Trent, it is a little bulky but literally adds another 25 hours of phone support – which is clutch!

So regardless of your favorite, the back-up battery is no longer a nice to have…it is a must have! This way you aren’t stuck asking your neighbor waiting for the plane or a stranger at Starbucks for a battery charger.

Have you faced this problem?

Got any other tips/tricks?

Items you’d like us to cover?

Comment below!

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Alicia Mazzara

Some other things I do to try to prolong the ridiculously short battery life of my phone:

– Using an app killer to stop applications

– Turning off the internet when I’m not using it

– Turning off or putting the phone in airplane mode when I’m in an area with little/no service to prevent the phone from searching for a signal