Phone Tips & Tricks: Use Your Phone to Stay Healthy on the Road

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I’m constantly traveling for work. It’s awesome to explore different cities, but the downside is finding ways to stay healthy while on the road. To continue on with our series let’s talk about “Staying Healthy on the Road.”

Tip 2 – Use Your Phone to Stay Healthy on the Road

I’m sure many of you have found yourself in a similar situation. You are on the road for work and may feel limited to unhealthy dining choices and little time to exercise. One thing you know you will never forget to pack (let’s hope) is your cell phone. Below you’ll find the top 5 ways to utilize your phone while on the road in order to stay healthy and productive.

1. Utilize maps on your phone to find the closest parks or running trails nearby. Even if you have a limited amount of free time, you can always take a healthy stroll during lunch.

2. Speaking of lunch, need to find a place to eat? Avoid roaming the streets of an unfamiliar city by using a restaurant finder app. UrbanSpoon is a personal favorite of mine. I can punch in where in town I want to eat, what kind of food I want and the price range I’m looking for and the app gives me great suggestions. Healthy spots are provided within seconds. I highly recommend Yelp as well.

3. Want to make healthier choices once you’ve found the perfect place to eat? Apps like Calorie Counter allow us to make better eating choices, which is often extremely difficult on the road.

4. Need some exercise motivation? Keep music on your phone. Don’t want to use up the bandwith? Apps like Pandora allow you to listen to music while on the go.

5. Get the sleep you need! I can’t sleep without white noise, and when I’m traveling, I can’t pack my oscillating fan in a carry on. This is when I love having my white noise app on my phone. There are a ton of these apps available for a variety of phones. SoundForm is a great one.

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