Poor City Management: City Hall Mistake Accidentally Hires Couple

Here is a very disheartening article from my hometown of Syracuse, New York. On Sunday, the Syracuse Post Standard reported that Eileen and Brendan Caver were unintentionally hired by Syracuse City Hall. The Caver’s quit their jobs in Iowa and were set to make the move to Syracuse, only to learn that a mistake had been made in City Hall, and neither actually had a job in Syracuse. The Caver’s had even received letters dated on July 18th confirming their employment. The Caver’s put their home up for sale, and were set to make the move with their children of 1 and 3. It’s just a sad story of very poor city management. I feel horrible for the Caver’s and their two young children. Check out the story, there are a lot of intriguing story lines – and lots of examples of very poor leadership and management.

What protocols do you make while hiring new employees?

If you were the Mayor of Syracuse, how would you handle this situation?

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