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Ensure Your Back to Office Plan Can Support Hybrid Working

The scope and scale of back-to-office plans vary between organizations.

Some offices have already opened, while others are putting plans in place to bring employees back gradually over the coming months. Others say employees can work from home until at least the middle of 2021, with some announcing a permanent remote work set-up option. Whatever the plan may be for your organization, technology will play a key role in ensuring a smooth transition to support long-term remote or hybrid working.

Many organizations are already investing in infrastructure to maintain productivity and print security for a distributed workforce. Here are some factors to considers as you move into this new environment.

Put security first

A more remote workforce is a less secure one. You need to stay on top of configuration policies, firmware updates, and other print management tasks that help to improve performance and address issues like software bugs and security patches so that operations can keep moving forward.

Improve workflow to meet changing employee behaviors

To meet the needs of the evolving workplaces, organizations must act fast. There is an increased need to provide solutions for the adapted environment that help improve workflow and productivity with as little disruption to the organization, safely and securely.

Advance your print eco-system in a cloud-connected world

It will be more important than ever for organizational and IT leadership to continue to assess how they deliver cloud-enabled digital workflow services while supporting their cloud print infrastructure transformation.

In a dispersed working environment where organizations are looking for continued opportunities to better support employees, cloud print services are emerging as an effective way to implement a cost-effective, scalable and sustainable print infrastructure. A cloud environment helps:

  • Extend a more secured and controlled environment for remote worker settings
  • Test newly designed workflows with confidence
  • Replicate them quickly with preconfigured tested configurations

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