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Public Access to Tax Parcel: There’s an App for That!

I’ve talked about how ArcGIS can make tax parcel mapping a cinch for local governments, and here’s some great news! There is now an app to access tax parcel information. Check out the blog post below to find out more:

Originally posted in the ESRI Local Government Blog.

Parcel Value for iPhone is an ArcGIS API for iOS application that provides public access to tax parcel and related assessment information. It includes a simple application for the iPhone that allow users to interact with your authoritative parcel maps, property characteristics, and related operational layers (property sales and foreclosures).

The Parcel Value for iPhone application offers a standard overview of property data in a community for real estate and other consumers so they can view this information on all homes as they walk or drive through neighborhoods. Users are able to search for a specific address or parcel number, view authoritative property characteristics, sales and foreclosure information, and email this information to a friend or co-worker.

The Parcel Value for iPhone application comes with two base maps. The first is a representation of tax parcel information for the consumer, and contains content that has been optimized for the general public and other casual users of parcel information. The second base map is a representation of tax parcel information for tax map users; and contains content that has been optimized for individuals experienced with hardcopy tax maps and related land tenure elements. These basemaps will appeal to general consumers of land records information and professionals in the real estate community that are looking for map elements that correspond to the legal description of property.

The application also provides a unique way for users to interact with condominiums maintained in your Parcel geodatabase. When a user selects a condominium, they are presented with a list of units within that condominium development. They can then navigate through the list to find the appropriate unit and when they do, review the property characteristics and share it with others if they’d like.

When you configure the Parcel Value for iPhone template in your environment, you’ll learn how to publish and serve your own maps using ArcGIS API for iOS, ArcGIS Server, and your organization’s data. Then you can deploy a Parcel Value for iPhone application with your authoritative parcel data on the Apple App Store for users within your community.

If you’d like to see the Parcel Value for iPhone application in action, check out the video posted on the Local Government Resource Center.

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