A Holistic Approach: Tackling Cybersecurity With Compromise Assessments & Incident Response

With recent high-profile government breaches filling newspaper front pages, it’s safe to say that cybersecurity is at the top
of every public sector CIO’s list of priorities. And the importance of effective cybersecurity in the government will only grow, said Al Kinney, Director of Strategy and Operations for Enterprise Security Services at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

“Really, the entire critical infrastructure of the United States has moved from a point where we enjoy the benefits of cyberspace and automation, to the point where we’re dependent upon cyberspace and the automation it provides,” he said in a recent interview. “That’s made us very effective in the way we do business, but it also introduces a strategic vulnerability that is currently being exploited by our adversaries.”

With so much at stake, agency leaders can’t afford to simply hope for the best when it comes to cybersecurity. They must know what’s happening in their networks, how to counter threats from the inside and what to do when a breach occurs. To achieve all of those goals, agency leaders must proactively assess their networks for intrusions and be ready with an effective incident response plan if a breach is detected.

In order to support this crucial need, GovLoop, HPE and Mandiant Consulting, a FireEye company, have partnered to provide a holistic suite of technology and consulting services. In this Holistic Approach to Cybersecurity, we examine how agencies can effectively mitigate cyberattacks by deploying these complementary services. We examine:

  • The technical and human causes of information insecurity
  • Why both technology and thought leadership are paramount to security
  • How HPE and Mandiant (FireEye) provide holistic compromise assessment
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