A New Paradigm for Change in Government Leadership

Encouraging transformation in any IT organization is difficult. But often it seems even more difficult in the public sector.

Every day, we hear about the struggles of our warfighters, civil servants, and contractors, each group working with noble intent to continuously improve, only to be bogged down in mountains of bureaucracy, regulation, and red tape, not to mention legacy IT, siloed data, and other technology issues.

Agencies often hope that changing their technology with be enough to change their entire organization. But changing technologies alone is not enough. Changing culture is just as critical—if not more critical—to successful transformation.

To move into the future, public sector IT teams and departments must focus their change efforts not just on technology, but on organizational culture and leadership, too.

In this course, we will review concepts from Red Hat’s brand-new guide for government leaders, as well as recommendations for actions that can help you change your strategy to meet the mission needs of government today.

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