Achieving Data-Driven Performance Management in Federal Agencies

A modern performance management solution moves beyond online forms hosted on legacy systems. Employees can see the value of their work, making them more engaged in their jobs, enthusiastic about their duties and committed to the agency mission. On top of this, agencies can make better use of valuable human resources and plan orderly transitions as older workers retire and are replaced with younger employees.

Implementing a full performance management solution all at once, however, would be challenging. But it’s not necessary; agencies can take the process one step at a time, beginning with simple steps that can generate quick results. This lets agencies assess impact, identify best practices and reduce the risk of disruptions before rolling out an agencywide solution.

To discuss the value of performance management technology, tailored for the federal environment, and best practices for implementing the solution no matter an agency’s status, GovLoop and Acendre, a leader in performance management, partnered to create this industry perspective.