Build and Support Better Applications with Application Intelligence

Federal agencies are increasingly reliant on software applications to meet their varied missions. But as their IT environments become more complex with the advent of cloud services, virtualization and mobile devices, the challenge of managing and optimizing application performance is likewise more complex.

This challenge is aggravated by the fact that agencies typically employ monitoring tools designed to assess the performance of individual silos within the IT infrastructure — such as the databases, networks, servers, browsers and operating systems — not the performance of an individual application as it runs through those silos.

The result is that agencies are often left with fragmented and limited capability to ensure optimal application performance. As applications increasingly operate in more dynamic and complex environments — such as private, hybrid or commercial clouds — it is vital that agencies gain greater understanding of their applications’ health from the perspective of the end user.

The way to do this is to see at a very deep level how each end-user interaction with an application is performing, from the end user’s device to every node of the IT infrastructure it touches along the way to the database and back. Read this industry perspective to learn more.