Combating Insider Threats

Recent highly publicized security breaches have recently brought insider threats into the eye of the mainstream. But federal government employees already know that insider threats are an ever-present hazard to government security and operations.

To learn how agencies can minimize the risk of insider threats without further burdening their overstretched agencies, GovLoop sat down with Patricia Larsen, Co-Director of the National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF). We also investigated how deploying a secure content management system that monitors sensitive information across the lifecycle of a document can reduce insider threats.

To keep government environments secure from insider threats, organizations must do more. This research brief:

  • Explains the risks associated with insider threats
  • Identifies barriers to effective insider threat prevention
  • Details the necessary components of comprehensive content management

Want to learn even more? This infographic offers more data and tips to protect your sensitive information with holistic content management. Click below to download:

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