Creating a Single View of Digital Forensics Data

When you think about forensic investigations, you might think more about prime-time crime shows and less about government. But across federal, state and local agencies, forensic investigations are a key component of achieving government’s mission of stopping crime and keeping communities safe.

It’s not getting any easier, either. One study predicts that, by the year 2020, about 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second, for every human being on the planet. That’s the equivalent of roughly one Game of Thrones novel worth of text, every second, for every person in the world.

Dr. Jim Kent, Global Head of Security and Intelligence for Nuix North America, and his colleague Keith Lowry, Senior Vice President of Nuix U.S. Government Services (USG) and Business Threat Intelligence and Analysis, described the challenges associated with modern investigatory work in a recent interview with GovLoop. They also explained how information technologies like those provided by Nuix can help investigators overcome those challenges to make the most of digital forensics evidence.

In this industry perspective, you will learn how a “single pane of glass” approach empowered by powerful data analytics technologies, can help government achieve better, faster and more robust investigations, even in a world that’s increasingly driven by digital information.

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