Data Analytics Fundamentals

Data is powerful. We can use it to shape policies; craft citizen services; and even secure government. But it takes more than data alone to drive better decision-making and ultimately better outcomes. We also need the right tools to combine that data and search for patterns, anomalies and trends that otherwise would go undetected.

By taking this Data Analytics Fundamentals course, you will be enrolled in six different lessons exploring how to turn your data into insights. We’ll explain what data analytics is, how it’s different from big data, and – most importantly – how it can impact government operations and citizen services.

Then, we’ll dive into how to get the most out of your data by walking through some common challenges to data success and then matching those challenges to cultural and technical solutions. To help us with some of the technical lingo, we’ll also hear from expert, Melissa Fields, Solutions Architect at ClearShark – an industry leader in providing customized, integrated and managed IT solutions to government.