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Data Analytics: Leveraging Information to Drive Your Mission

Operating in an increasingly connected world is a double-edged sword for federal agencies. On one hand, data is readily available from more sources than ever. On the other, this information explosion makes understanding the data and using it to drive mission objectives harder than ever.

Data analytics provides organizations with the lightbulb moment they need. It allows agencies to glean important insights from massive amounts of data in real time and apply them across fields including cybersecurity, drug diversion prevention, finance, health and more.

But fully implementing data analytics can be arduous and time-consuming. For agencies to move from simply collecting information to doing data analysis, they need automated solutions that can harness, organize, protect and synthesize big data. They also need data visualization and anomaly detection capabilities to acquire insights not normally detected by traditional analytics tools, and they need for these solutions to work in concert.

To learn more about automated tools that enable agencies to use their data to drive better decision making, GovLoop partnered with AlphaSix Corporation, an IT solutions and services provider specializing in big data and cybersecurity, to produce this report. In the following pages we highlight the top barriers to effective data analytics; what agencies need to fully leverage analytics; and three case studies of analytics in action.