Data Center as-a-Service: The Gateway to Rapid IT Modernization

There’s a renewed focus across government to modernize legacy IT infrastructure — most of which is costly to operate and taxing for agencies to manage.

Federal agencies have long grappled with the budget, acquisition and security challenges of maintaining aging hardware and software. But thanks to new laws such as the Modernizing Government Technology (MGT) Act and ongoing efforts to optimize data centers and better track IT spending, agencies now have a unique opportunity to take advantage of more modern and cost-effective technologies.

To balance the demands of uninterrupted mission services with the need to update legacy technologies, agencies need a path forward that involves an as-aService approach. This IT business model will enable them to streamline delivery of capabilities and technology and reduce costs.

More specifically, the benefits that come with Data Center as-a-Service (DCaaS) can help accelerate federal agencies’ objectives of freeing up IT resources to focus on strategic initiatives, capturing all their operating expenses and standing up and optimizing mission-critical applications in a timely manner.

In this report, we highlight how DCaaS can accelerate IT modernization in government by addressing common IT challenges. You’ll also learn best practices for making the most of this as-a-Service model and how DCaaS has benefited federal agencies.