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Why Sensor Data Collection Is Revolutionizing the Internet of Things

Today, IoT has moved the connected world beyond BYOD to incorporate new sensors and other embedded platforms. As sensors are exponentially increasing the volume of data points that are collected, organizations today must have a system, platform and process in place to organize this data in order understand and act on it.

Predictive Analytics: Measuring the Real Value

This blog post is an excerpt from GovLoop's industry perspective: Seizing the Power of Predictive Analytics in Government. Download the full report here.  The data analytics landscape is rapidly evolving, thanks to more powerful and affordable tools for data gathering and processing. These tools are helping agencies make sense of their data and use that information... Read more »

What Needs Should Guide Your ITaaS Procurement?

Government agencies want and need innovative technologies, but they’re challenged by tight budgets, complex procurements and high security requirements. A more flexible approach is to contract for IT capacity on an on-demand basis, allowing for scaling up or down, depending on requirements. This is becoming the preferred method of contracting for and implementing IT capacity.

How Data Analytics Drives Real-Time and Forensic Analyses

Depending on the type of analysis agencies want to conduct — real-time or historical — there are different data gathering and analytics tools to support those efforts. Let’s take a closer look at each of these examples to better understand how they benefit government agencies.