Discovering Data in Today’s Government

Government organizations face growing volumes of data and increasing pressure to provide information more transparently. At the same time, they must maintain the privacy of citizens’ data, reduce costs and provide user-friendly digital services and interfaces – letting users access data and services at the touch of a finger. Much of the data government stores that would help meet these needs, however, is unknown or nearly impossible to find because it is in disparate areas or siloes – in archives, file shares, outdated and legacy systems, employees’ computers and other hard-to-reach places. This unknown data represents a vast source of costs, risks and opportunities. It also causes public-sector employees and citizens who need to access this data quickly a variety of problems.

The solution may lie in technology that has traditionally been used for legal eDiscovery. This technology is capable of directly indexing virtually all forms of unstructured information, in any language, and processing complex proprietary formats. To understand how eDiscovery technology can help government agencies search, investigate and better manage structured and unstructured data, GovLoop partnered with Nuix, a leader in solving data challenges—one of which is eDiscovery—for this industry perspective.nuix logo