How to Embrace Cloud as a Business Model

As cloud adoption matures across government, many agencies are realizing that this new IT model is much more than a technology decision. It’s a business decision that has had significant impacts on the way agencies buy, manage and deliver IT capabilities internally and to citizens.

The challenge, however, is mapping the best path forward to move from legacy operations to a future state that supports faster, more reliable applications that power financial, workforce, security and other operations governmentwide. There is not a one-size-fits-all approach for moving every IT application to the cloud. That’s why agencies must consider what can move to the cloud and what’s the right mix of cloud solutions to suit their needs.

To help agencies devise a clear path to embracing cloud as a business model, GovLoop sat down with Ray McCay, Vice President of Solution Strategy at ViON, to better understand what questions to ask when choosing a cloud deployment model and how ViON is helping agencies achieve the benefits of cloud faster.