Enabling Digital Transformation in Government

Digital transformation – the updating of information technology solutions and services – is one of the highest priorities for government today. Given its potential to improve citizen services, cut procurement costs and improve productivity, federal agencies are aggressively pursuing this objective. But while digital transformation is pursued, many agencies have yet to see real outcomes in the way digital tools facilitate mission goals.

In a recent GovLoop survey of 163 federal government professionals, more than 60 percent of respondents said their agency’s ability to innovate the way it meets its mission and service citizens was “average” at best.

The survey, conducted by GovLoop in partnership with Appian, also revealed a number of reasons why this disconnect between priorities and outcomes exists. Specifically, we found that agencies face multiple roadblocks to achieving digital transformation, including a misunderstanding of the concept, outdated legacy systems and ineffective planning to leverage new tools.

But in an interview with Jason Adolf, Industry Practice Leader for Federal at Appian, we also discovered several tactics for overcoming these challenges to both define and achieve digital transformation. He also explained how development environments called application platforms-as-a-service (aPaaS) can help move agencies forward even as resources dwindle and citizen expectations rise.

This research brief examines the data from our survey to define the obstacles agencies face in pursuit of digital innovation. It also details the tactics and tools organizations can leverage to move forward and meet mission goals.