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Getting Started with Social Media in Your City

Greetings GovLoopers!

As you can tell, we try not to sit around too much over here at the GovLoop ranch – always hustling to bring you an incredible community experience and resources that make your life on the job easier.

So we’ve been talking about putting together a series of guides for several months. In fact, GovLoop rockstar Yasmin Fodil produced our first — GovLoop Guide: Transparency.

Then this past summer, GovLoop Fellow Attia Nasar (miss you, Tia Tia) created the excellent resource you see below.

Some of our ideas on How-To’s or similar:

  • Explanation of the Legislative Process
  • Navigate to SES
  • Break into a Government Gig
  • Manage Your Email Inbox
  • Switch from Industry to Gov (and vice versa)
  • Trick Out Your Blackberry
  • Juggle a Million Things

And now our GovLoop International Fellow Julia Tanasic has asked:

“What other kinds of guides would you like to see?”

Feel free to respond in that forum or in the comments below.

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