Hyperconvergence in Government

As technology evolves, so does the IT infrastructure. One of the hottest trends in data center architecture is hyperconverged infrastructure, a means of reducing data center footprint and costs while boosting operational efficiency.

By taking this course, you’ll be enrolled in five lessons that will help you understand how hyperconvergence consolidates IT infrastructure – essentially giving customers the same operational and cost benefits of a public cloud environment, but within your own data center. We’ll explore traditional IT infrastructures and why they’re problematic. Then we will introduce the concept of hyperconvergence and explain how it meets those challenges.

Along the way, we’ll differentiate between converged and hyperconverged infrastructures, discuss benefits of that technology, and give examples of hyperconvergence in the real world. Finally, we’ll provide best practices for implementing a hyperconverged infrastructure to improve IT efficiency.

To help us with some of the technical lingo, we’ll also hear from expert, Gary DePreta, Director of SimpliVity Federal, an industry leader in providing hypeerconverged IT solutions to government.