Investing in a Better Storage Environment: Best Practices for the Public Sector

The public sector faces numerous and known challenges that government employees work to overcome every day. Constrained budgets, ever-growing citizen expectations, information technology infrastructure issues — the list of obstacles that government agencies must deal with seems to grow constantly.

However, one challenge that is less obvious but is as important as any of the other difficulties the public sector is facing is the massive growth of unstructured data — especially where and how to best store it so that it’s accessible and usable and retains its value.

Government data generation and archiving are on the rise because of the rapid growth of useful data sources like mobile devices and applications, smart sensors and Internet of Things devices, cloud computing solutions, and citizen-facing solutions. As this digital data increases and becomes more complex, the secure storage of it becomes ever more important as well. After all, the data that government and citizens generate today must live forever — stored, backed up and governed long after its original use is over. It must be discoverable, searchable and accessible, independent of the application or media with which it was created. And it needs to forever be available anywhere, anytime so that agencies and constituents can act on it at a moment’s notice, even if that moment comes 20 years from now.

That’s why GovLoop has partnered with Hitachi Data Systems Federal to create this industry perspective. Public sector data storage needs are at a tipping point and the time to act is now. Download this industry perspective to find out how.

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