Investment in Custom Security Processing Units for Federal Security

In a world of rising cyberattacks, encryption is an essential tool that federal agencies must employ to protect their networks. However, cyber criminals and hackers are increasingly exploiting encryption to circumvent established security perimeters.

“The answer lies in decrypting and inspecting both incoming and outgoing SSL Web traffic to identify threats,” said Matthew Miller, U.S. Federal Channel Manager at Fortinet, in an interview with GovLoop. “With the right tools, any agency can implement this process, closing a developing gap in network defenses and avoiding false choices between security and privacy.”

In this industry perspective, created in partnership with Fortinet, you will learn more about their ASIC SPU chip; how hackers are using encryption to subvert edge defenses; and how governmental agencies may utilize the newly created SPU technology for a cybersecurity solution that can be employed for SSL decryption and inspection to thwart cyberattacks.