Making IT Modernization a Reality for Agencies

Government agencies are facing ever-increasing challenges to modernize and engage with citizens and stakeholders through digital channels. But you can’t just flip a switch to become a digital government. Change like that takes new tools, new processes and a new way of thinking. Essentially, you need to transform the way you work. But with regulations, security concerns and diminishing resources, that can be easier said than done.

That’s where secure cloud content management and IT modernization can help you and your agency. Cloud content management is the combination of centralized, cloud-native content services with advanced security and governance. To better understand how agencies are addressing these issues, GovLoop partnered with Box to bring together government leaders and IT modernization professionals for a recent interactive discussion on the topic. In the following pages, we highlight key themes and new initiatives that were discussed during our October 2018 event, “Cloud Content Management at the Center of Government Modernization Excellence.”