Making Smarter IT Investments: Customizing the Cloud

Today, cloud computing offers government the opportunity to re-imagine how services are delivered. But a word to the wise: not all cloud platforms are created equal. Cloud solutions depend on both solving the right organizational problems and selecting the right kind of cloud offering. By doing so, you can enable your agency to fundamentally change how you operate, and drive improved outcomes.

In our recent Industry Perspective with ViON, we explore what makes a smart cloud investment. All across government agencies are seeking ways to take advantage of cloud computing’s transformative IT delivery model and our report will help you navigate a complex cloud landscape. With the ability to enable on-demand access to a shared pool of computing resources, applications, data or software, government is looking at ways to make smart, and customized, cloud investments.

“Government is trying to find a way to reduce spending and accelerate cloud adoption. They need a way to scale up and scale down on-demand services,” said Ray McCay, Vice President, Solution Strategies at ViON, who recently spoke with GovLoop on the transformative power of the cloud.

Two key themes have emerged to accelerate successful cloud implementations: knowing the problems your organization is trying to solve, and the need to deliver stellar customer service. We explore both of these themes in our report.

With various service and deployment models, how do you know which cloud offering is right for you – and how do you find the support you need to ensure ongoing effectiveness? Read the report to find out how.