Making the Most of Grants in State and Local Government

The city of Detroit is a perfect example of how grants can help state and local governments attain real results. In just a few short years, it has been able to use grants to reinvigorate and revitalize its community.

But fully capitalizing on grant programs requires purpose and progress.

This new pocket guide explores the philosophy and technology behind modern grants management, with practical advice you can use.

Specifically, you’ll explore:

  • Grants Management: Then and Now
  • Today’s Landscape of Grants Management
  • Automation Marks the Spot: A Lifecycle Approach to Grants Management
  • Learning From Others: Grants Management Case Studies
  • A Grants Management Cheat Sheet
  • The role grants can play in expanding possibilities for community investment.
  • How Detroit is using grants to fuel its comeback.
  • What sort of management solutions can help state and local governments with grants.


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