Mitigating the Impact of Data Loss & Outages in Government

Given the sensitive nature of government data, it has never been more essential that agency leaders safeguard their data with a modern plan for the backup, and more importantly, the recovery of critical digital information. Unfortunately, data backup and recovery is notoriously a laggard in IT modernization efforts. With as many as one in six backups and one in seven restores failing, most IT professionals would agree that conventional backup approaches are broken, or at least in need of a critical review. The evolving threats to online information require a new level of backup and recovery in the public sector.

GovLoop has teamed up with Oracle, a leading cloud application and platform services provider, to discuss how agencies can best protect, store, back up and recover their data. In the following pages, we’ll discuss the challenges agencies face in keeping their data secure and backed up; the importance of recovery in protecting our nation’s digital assets; and gain additional insights from Donna Cooksey, Solution Specialist, and Kerstin Woods, Senior Principle Product Director at Oracle.