The Power of Technology in Federal Agencies

State and local governments have long endured staff shortages and shrinking budgets. That’s forced those agencies to reimagine the way they combine technology and personnel to build the most efficient processes that also meet citizen needs. Now, spurred by White House memorandum OMB 17-22 on increasing agency efficiency, the federal government is being challenged to do the same.

To learn more about how agencies are dealing with this climate, in a recent survey, GovLoop asked 211 federal government employees if they felt their agencies were ready to confront the pressures of reform. Responses showed significant doubt regarding if and how agencies could achieve efficiency goals.

Nevertheless, Terri Jones, Government Marketing Principal at Hyland, offered hope for these agencies. Hyland provides enterprise content management (ECM) software to streamline organizations’ information capture and process management.

In an interview with GovLoop, Jones explained how federal agencies can use technology – specifically ECM technologies that automate and streamline agency information and processes – to achieve reform goals.

To meet the directive to become more productive with fewer resources, federal agencies must reconsider the way they capture content, manage processes and allocate staff time. ECM can help leaders meet these objectives and transform operations.