Preparing for the Data Deluge in the Public Sector with Better Data Management

Government agencies are facing a tipping point, where the currently accepted business practices will no longer keep up. Agencies faced with defaulting on their organizations’ goals will need to adapt new data management procedures to protect their budgets and their human capital.

The good news? In facing this deluge of data and all its accompanying challenges, there are solutions. Emerging data management procedures that address the end-to-end lifecycle of data – from creation to retirement – and the controlled progression of data to and from each stage within its lifecycle can turn this data problem into an opportunity.

To better understand this current data challenge, and the possibilities of an effective data management strategy, GovLoop interviewed Kevin Warnk and Christina Stafford, subject-matter experts at ViON, a veteran-owned IT solutions provider with over 35 years of providing data management and storage solutions to the public sector. With their help, we’ll look at what’s creating this perfect storm of data management and how government can best navigate it.