Protecting Your Data in the Cloud

Cybersecurity is the hottest buzzword in government these days. But just because people are talking about it, doesn’t mean they actually know how to achieve it. In reality, many government organizations are struggling to secure their data from internal and external threats.

Taken alone, cybersecurity is challenging. The speed of evolution and the consistency of attacks make it difficult for agencies to keep their network defenses up-to-date. When you add the difficulty of cloud transitions and the complexity of regulatory guidelines to the list of barriers, the task of security might seem overwhelming.

Nevertheless, enhanced cybersecurity can be achieved. To learn how, we spoke with Sol Cates, Chief Security Officer at Vormetric, and Robert Bigman, an Information Security Consultant and former Chief Information Security Officer in federal government.

They explained that safeguarding information through integrated encryption and key management allows agencies to overcome many common barriers to effective protection. However, applying these tactics requires an understanding of the scope and sensitivity of your agency information.

In this industry perspective, we explore:

  • The challenges associated with cloud transitions and regulatory requirements
  • Three steps to achieving data transparency and security
  • The benefits of encryption and key management for security

Safeguarding government information is a difficult but necessary task for every agency and department. Successful organizations know which data requires protection and which security tactics to deploy. This brief explains how to achieve these dual objectives.