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Reduce Complexity, Modernize, and Be the Boss of Your IT Again

Government has an imperative to achieve IT modernization. To empower public servants to perform their jobs and better meet the citizen demands of today, agencies need to leverage modern tools and technologies. However, many organizations are challenged to update systems and applications because their underlying IT infrastructure is complex, costly to maintain and outdated.

That’s why agencies are considering hyperconverged infrastructures.┬áMoving to a software-defined, hyperconverged infrastructure model will consolidate, streamline and redefine government data centers for modern requirements. What’s more, it will prepare agencies to transition to cloud computing – the first and vital step of IT modernization.

In this course, we examine why agencies have to modernize and the obstacles they often encounter in that pursuit. We also dive into the benefits of hyperconvergence, including how it can transform data centers and prepare agencies for the next step in their modernization journey.

This course was informed by Dan Fallon, Director of Public Sector Systems Engineers at Nutanix.