Resiliency in the Hybrid Cloud is Critical to Government

These days, organizations need to look beyond backup to the concept of resiliency, a fulls-pectrum plan to ensure the quick recovery and accessibility of mission-critical systems. As they say with regard to athletes and injuries, the most important ability is availability. The same principle can apply to backup and recovery, which needs to keep pace with the changing nature of IT.

The answer, like the challenge, lies in the cloud, with a hybrid approach that can guarantee quick recovery of those multifaceted systems and enable organizations to meet their service-level objectives, or SLOs, for providing recovery and uptime for a full range of critical systems.

To learn more about the importance of a resiliency platform in government, GovLoop, TVAR Solutions and Veritas partnered for this industry perspective. In the following pages, we discuss why government organizations need to think beyond backup and detail the value of a resiliency platform.