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Building Resiliency During the Shutdown

Young Government Leaders (YGL) and GovLoop partnered today to talk about how to stay resilient during the shutdown. Miguel Aviles, Chair of the YGL Advisory Panel, and Michelle Rosa, the YGL National Leadership Team Officer, shared the impact of the shutdown on their lives as federal employees.

Boost Your Resiliency

This week I spent a day of Leadership Development Program discussing resiliency.   Resiliency is the ability to carry on in the face of adversity, similar to grit, and, as an earlier blog pointed out, resiliency is the antidote to stress.  Personal resiliency can lead to professional resiliency, which then leads to a resilient organization – an organizationRead… Read more »

The Next BIG Thing: Business School and Government

It’s that time of year again! The next two days we’ll be blogging from GovLoop and YGL’s Next Generation of Government Training Summit. Follow along @NextGenGov and read more blog posts here. Why can’t our government be more like Silicon Valley? With all the innovation and technological progress the private sector creates many of usRead… Read more »