Security Without Limits: Unisys Stealth for Microsoft Azure

As federal agencies scale their digital capabilities with cloud, mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) to improve customer experiences and operational efficiencies, security perimeters become more difficult to define and defend. Traditional security controls are insufficient to protect from cyberattacks in the digital age, compelling the government to work to adopt what’s called a zero trust network.

The principles are simple: Trust no user, workload or device inside or outside the private network and grant as little access as possible upon reliable authentication. As agencies shift from data centers to the cloud, efficiency, security and compliance are the keys to success.

Download this new report to learn how Unisys Stealth®, a Zero Trust software suite that uses identity-based micro-segmentation to transform your existing network — both on-premises and in the cloud, can transform your agency into a zero trust network. Stealth overlay technology requires no changes to your existing software and can even simplify your design, as it eliminates the need for multiple subnets.


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