How State and Local Government Can Navigate the Cloud Generation

Technology has transformed the way state and local governments serve constituents, enabling access to key services such as healthcare, public safety and transportation. Government has entered the cloud generation, a time when an array of connected devices power government/constituent interactions and data is readily accessible through cloud platforms.

Although the proliferation of apps and devices has enabled state and local governments to better meet constituent demands, security remains a challenge. Determined hackers, coupled with the expanding adoption of cloud applications and mobile workforce devices, are forcing state and local governments to find new ways to protect their systems and information from increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats.

In the cloud generation, state and local agencies need holistic cloud security strategies to protect data and respond quickly to breaches. To learn how state and local governments can create a stronger cyber posture with improved cloud security plans, GovLoop sat down with these experts from Symantec, a leader in cybersecurity solutions:

  • John Barrett, Manager of System Engineering, Public Sector, SLED
  • Renault Ross, Strategist for State and Local Education
  • Fred Unterberger, Senior Director, Systems Engineering, Public Sector

In this industry perspective, you’ll learn how state and local agencies can combine threat intelligence, holistic solutions portfolios and managed security services into a complete cloud security strategy. With the right plan, state and local governments can not only defend themselves against evolving cyberthreats, they can also thrive in the cloud generation.