The Components of IT Modernization

The federal government spends nearly 75 percent of its annual information technology funding on operating and maintaining existing legacy information technology systems.

That’s why most agencies are attempting to modernize their IT infrastructures and systems to better support mission-critical functions. This course explains how they can effectively achieve modernization with the help of a real-time data analytics platform.

In five lessons, we’ll explore the necessary components of IT modernization – including cloud computing, shared services, data center consolidation and agile development. We’ll also explain how insights gained from end-to-end visibility through real-time monitoring play a critical role in achieving success in modernization initiatives.

To learn more about that, we’ll also hear from Ashok Sankar, Director of Solutions Strategy at Splunk, a recognized leader in data analytics. Splunk provides analytics capabilities in a single platform, allowing agency IT professionals to gain insights into operations, in real-time and resolve a variety of challenges.