The Unfulfilled Promise of Cloud – And What Agencies Can Do About It

Download the new report to explore:

  • Current statistics on the state of cloud in government.
  • Best practices for achieving the true potential of cloud.
  • How increased visibility can help you avoid pitfalls when moving to the cloud.

We’ve been hearing about the promise of the cloud for the past decade — a promise that included slashing IT costs, eliminating hardware upgrades, expediting IT deployment and capitalizing on technological innovation.

Yet for all its advantages, and despite direct mandates from the White House, such as the Cloud First Policy enacted in 2010, the 2018 Cloud Smart Strategy and Modernizing Government Technology Act, that promise is largely unfulfilled.

So what happened? And why haven’t more organizations seen the cost, ease and agility benefits of the cloud?

Check out this new report to learn more about the true value of cloud, and the obstacles that may prevent government from achieving it.



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