Tips for Navigating Your Federal Career

Being an employee of the Federal Government comes with its own risks and rewards. Of course, the bureaucracy of everything can be a little tricky, but knowing that you’re serving the public in the best way you can is a great perk. However, the process to landing a career with the Federal Government can be tricky, and at times it can seem like you have to learn a whole new language to really master it.

From discerning GS (General Schedule) classifications, to understanding security requirements, the Federal Government landscape isn’t an easy one to navigate, but GovLoop’s new guide is here to help. From how to best get started obtaining a career with the Federal Government, to working your way up from there, we’re here for you.

We’re providing you with all the resources and tools necessary to be the best government employee you can be, at whatever phase in your journey you may be on. Download the guide now to get started maneuvering your way through your federal career.