Self Defense: How to Fight Off Cyber Attacks

To step up your cyber security strategy, join GovLoop and a great line-up of government thought leaders on Tuesday, September 10th for the 2nd annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit. The summit lasts from 11am to 4pm, and there will be a special session focused on cyber security from 1pm-2pm. RSVP and see the full schedule here.

Today, cyber attacks are getting more sophisticated and complex. By joining our online training, you will learn the latest best practices and strategies to prevent an attack. With government adopting so many technologies, it’s important to consider security up front, and know the risks technology adoption brings.

Until our virtual training, here are a few concepts to keep in mind:

  • Trust Your Instincts: If something about your system does not feel normal, do not ignore it. If you receive an e-mail from Amazon.com asking for your social security number, do not simply think, “Amazon never asked me for that before, but perhaps their policies have changed” and proceed. That’s what phishers want you to think. Instead, report it immediately.
  • Monitor Your System: The best way to determine if your system has been compromised is to understand what your system looks like when it is operating normally. There are a variety of software programs designed exclusively for this purpose, which we will discuss in our virtual summit.
  • Keep Up With Trends: Threats are becoming more complex, and requires new ways to protect system. This means keeping up with the latest research reports, publications and technologies to keep systems safe. Also, be sure to take care of all the low hanging fruit, like updating security and software patches.

I hope to see you all at the summit! You can RSVP right here. What tips do you think are important? What topics would you like to see discussed at the virtual summit?

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