GovLoop Research Digest: 3 Government Focused Customer Service Resources

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There are some remarkable apps in the private sector changing the way customer service is being delivered. You can order a pizza from your phone, track delivery progress, pay for coffee with your phone, do all sorts of online banking and watch videos basically on-demand. We live in some remarkable times to be a consumer.

These trends have changed the way citizens view government services. There are higher expectations for government to deliver services more effectively and efficiently. As budgets dwindle, agencies are looking at technology to help them delivery services in modern ways.

That’s why I wanted to share some resources that GovLoop has produced over the past few months on customer service. Below are GovLoop guides, trainings and infographics showing how multifaceted customer service can be and what you can do to stay ahead of the curve.

Guide: Multichannel Communication Government Customer Service

As citizens and residents, we are automatic customers to government services. We all rely on various agencies to deliver necessary services ranging from emergency response to residential permits. From being able to purchase a fishing license easily on a mobile device to being able to renew a much-needed passport within a day, it is those standout customer service experiences that enable us to power through everyday tasks and challenges. Be sure to read this report to understand how technology is transforming how government delivers customer service.

Training: The Changing Face of Customer Service Series: Government Case Studies

Customer service in government is radically changing, customers expect real-time response across all channels to solve their needs. With the rise of cloud, social, mobile, analytics, government agencies have new and innovative tools to meet these increasing demands. Despite this, challenges still remain as agencies attempt to improve their customer service strategy. Our training highlighted:

  • Specific customer service challenges/obstacles
  • Tangible best practice strategies to improve service
  • Lessons learned
  • Strategies implemented
  • The role of technology

Infographic: The Road to the City on the Hill

The City on the Hill metaphor has been used in politics, literature and religion as a means to inspire people to build a city that other communities look to emulate. Government institutions on the path to creating the City on the Hill have not only created a culture of openness, transparency and efficiency, but have also implemented the right technology and tools to support these initiatives. City leaders and employees understand the role of the public servant in a modern context, and work diligently to improve their communities through sound leadership and technology. Check out the infographic for more insights on how to reach the City on the Hill.

I’ve been doing a series over the last few weeks highlighting our GovLoop resources, check out the other recaps here:

***Want more tips on customer service? Join us at the Data-Driven Citizen Engagement session next Tuesday, 9/10 at our GovLoop Virtual Innovators Summit – free rsvp****

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